Posted on September 25, 2017 by Catherine Starrett

Ideas for Bathroom Tile Styling

It is weird how bathroom tile design can be disregarded as one of the most influential part in redecorating the bathroom. Some may think that it is too exhausting to choose the appropriate shape, size, style, and color of the new wall and floor coverage. But eventually, the result can make you so much proud of the work you've done.

First of all, you should decide on the tile location. Would you choose to cover all the surfaces inside your bathroom or simply highlight some of the areas? In order to help you determine that, consider places most likely to be affected by the water like near the sink or bathtub, or around the shower (if you have one). To make sure you don't miss a thing you better use the tiles all over the floor for extra protection from dampness.

Secondly, it's necessary to make up your mind about the overall style of the new bathroom. What is preferably to see when visiting it? Are you a fan of the good old country design with wooden or earth tones for tile color? Or is it better to have mirrored tiles that can reflect light and sunshine in a sparkly way like contemporary designers do? Maybe your dream bathroom tiles are black and white in the strict classic style so that you don't have any distraction? The choice is yours.

The next important task to solve is the shape and the size of the tiles. What and where to place for better efficiency? Obviously, you put large pieces if you need to cover more space within shorter period of time. But if you are ready to spend more time and creativity, you will be rewarded with an outstanding masterpiece. This may include using small or mosaic, or rectangular tiles, lots of hard work and endless imagination and skills. Smaller tiles are good for framing central parts of the decor in order to visually widen the space.

The diversity in materials and colors of tiles available on the market may be confusing. But there is no need to worry about such tough choice. Take your time to thoroughly think of the main goal you are trying reach by remaking your bathroom dressing. We have so many options to use natural materials for making tiles that will meet the needs and wishes of any customer. The most well known types are ceramics, glass, stone and metal. The most widespread material is ceramics, especially in white color. A lot of people consider it the best choice because of the price and quality ratio. There is no doubt, that with this tile you will have a bathroom full of light and it will definitely look clean. But it may soon become boring place to go inside due to its similarity to a sterile hospital room. Therefore white tiles should be wisely combined with any other color you like to make the interior more fun and cozy.

There is another type of the tile material that is much liked. Although its price is rather high, glass tiles are must-have if you want to see a rainbow in your bathroom sometimes. This material is really beautiful on its own, but it can be even more fascinating if mixed with shells or colored foils, or other decorations to personalize your design. We used to consider wood, cork and stone as the characteristic features of the country style tiles. It turns out, things are not so one-dimensional. Add a highly polished finish and you will have tiles that can be used in the contemporary bathroom design. Besides all of the above-mentioned positive qualities, natural materials are very nice to touch. And the distinctive feature of the modern design is the metal tiles exploitation.