Posted on July 20, 2017 by Catherine Starrett

Tips on Choosing Front Door Hardware

Whether you're creating a house of your dream, remodeling your current home or just improving some features of the house exterior, it's highly important to choose the right door fittings. The matter is that these pieces of hardware can significantly enhance the appearance of a home. The first thing visitors see when entering the house is certainly the door. Everyone will like nice door furnishings which are used in harmony with other exterior features of the house. Such a wonderful combination is able to catch the eye in the best way.

Front door hardware is available in a great range of sizes, styles, materials, shapes, and finishes. It's extremely important to make the right choice of appropriate door fittings. For this you'll need to consider the following factors:

Design and Age of your House

Choosing front door hardware, pay attention to the design of your home. It can be a contemporary style, Queen Anne or Victorian style or an ultra-modern style. Your door fixtures should be of the same style with your house. Then you will receive a harmonious look.

Usually, a house has a specific exterior design plan and you should choose the accessories according to this plan. Thus, for instance, if you the house with the design of the mid-19th century, you can complete it with beautiful gingerbread scrolls, a doorknocker in the ornate style as well as the suitable knob. In the same way, if you have a frame of the 20th century style or adobe style home made of stucco, you are recommended to use a polished knocker, sleek, and knob of an ordinary design. Avoid using door fixtures of the ornate style in this case.

Materials of the House

No matter what materials are used for the house either brick, stone, or stucco, you should choose the door furnishings to match this very material in order to improve the overall appearance of the house. Such warm looking materials as redwood brick, and old stone can be perfectly set off by brass or gold door fixtures with antiqued, burnished, finishes, or smoothly polished styles decorated with leaf and scroll patterns. Such exterior materials as stucco, sidings, and painted woods can be nicely set off by polished fixtures or silver and chrome matte in simple designs.

Types of Front Door Fixtures

You may be looking for an excellent knob and knocker combination or a simple door knob for a tiny front door; you can find the appropriate choice for the definite style and size of your home. Thus, somewhat bigger doorknobs with high-rate design work and large plates are better to be used for grand homes as well as those with retro-period design. On the other hand, smaller simple doorknobs will look better on more modern smaller homes.

More Accessories Should be considered

There are many other types of front door fixtures for you to consider, such as letter plates, doorknockers, doorbell plates, and address number. You are welcome to purchase some or all of them according to your needs and preferences. Most of contemporary homeowners wish to get these items with a traditional polished brass finish. There are people who prefer sleek pewter appearance of polished chrome for their houses in the contemporary style. So, you now know what front door hardware can be used for your door in the best way. Go shopping right now and good luck!